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Mr. Ruiz has spent his entire career defending people and standing up for the rights of the accused.

Our Promise

At Costen Ruiz Law, we believe hiring an attorney should feel like lifting a tremendous burden from your shoulders. We take on your problems, and proactively resolve them as if they were our own. We invite you to contact our office to determine if we can be of assistance to you. We are experts in the following practice areas: DUI Attorney Criminal Defense Law Domestic Violence Attorney Warrant Attorney Drug Possession Lawyer Investigation Attorney Fraud Lawyer Contracts Attorney Immigration Attorney Deportation Lawyer Removal Lawyer

Who you Hire Can Make all the Difference

As soon as the judge strikes the gavel on a criminal conviction, your life can turn upside down. “Criminal” is not a title anyone intends to have. Unfortunately, seemingly harmless lapses in judgment or even no crime at all can lead to labels like “convict” or “felon” – often for life. A misdemeanor or felony conviction in the Inland Empire- or anywhere in California- can have numerous repercussions on an individual’s future. Many convicted criminals must say goodbye to relationships, careers they love, and lives they worked so hard to build.

You need a Riverside criminal attorney who listens to your side of the story, explores all your legal options, and recommends what is in your best interest. You need the defense attorney of Costen and Ruiz. The moment police arrest or indict you for a crime in California, contact our team. We will speak with you in a free consultation regarding your situation. We are available around  the clock.

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If we think we’re the best representation for you, we’ll move forward by examining your case. As a certified criminal defense law specialist, Jesse Ruiz will work tirelessly to come up with a variety of strong defense strategies tailored for your circumstances, from negotiating a plea bargain to trying to get the courts to drop the charges. No two criminal cases are alike. We believe in personal, one-on-one services to maximize the odds of a desirable outcome.

Don’t Become a Casualty of the California Justice System

In our years of experience as Riverside criminal lawyers, we’ve seen far too many individuals become victims of a prejudiced and often unfair legal system. We make it our mission to offer true and honest legal representation to those facing life-changing criminal charges. We know how much is at stake prior to a conviction. Let us work hard on your behalf, answering any questions you may have and optimizing our approach to your personal criminal defense. Our defense services can give you peace of mind and a sense of confidence when your future is on the line.

Are you Facing Criminal Charges in the Inland Empire?

No matter the nature of the crimes alleged against you or the truth behind why police targeted you as the suspect, come to the Law Offices of Costen and Ruiz, APC for legal counsel. You can learn a lot about your rights during pretrial proceedings and your potential opportunities for defense in a single conversation with our award-winning Riverside criminal defense lawyer. To schedule an appointment at our Riverside office, call (951) 667-5293 today.

We regularly represent the family members of prosecutors, probation officers, public defender’s office employees, court staff, police officers and even other defense attorneys who face criminal charges–because the people who work in the system know that who you hire makes all the difference.

“I’m a criminal lawyer that doesn’t like to lose-whether it’s in the prosecutors office or in the courtroom-because it’s my client’s future that is at stake. I’ll use my expertise, knowledge, and passion as a Riverside Criminal Lawyer to your advantage and do what it takes to protect your future.”

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